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Macro Synthetic Fibers in Concrete Mixes: Usage and Benefits

Macro fibers used in concrete mixes in construction have been a significant innovation that has revolutionized

Dewatering of Industrial Sludge in Water Treatment

The sludge dehydration process is crucial for managing the waste generated during wastewater treatment. The goal

Tanforloc and Propell Project: Zero Waste

The future of our industry based on sustainability Leather Quimica is part of the Mathiesen Group,


If you want to grow and stand out by your own merits, develop you creative to the maximum and belong to a large company with a dynamic culture this Mathiesen is the place for you.


Post-Congress Reflections: New Water Sources for Chile

We participated in the first International Congress "New Water Sources for Chile", organized by the Chilean Desalination

Unleashing Innovation in Food Development: Math Innova

At Mathiesen, we firmly believe in innovation as the driving force behind progress in the food

Cosmetic Trends: Merging Naturalness, Innovation, and Economy

On March 12th and 14th, we held exclusive workshops for the first time with our clients