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HEUR rheological additives and their use in water-based paints

HEUR rheological additives are non-ionic hydrophobically modified ethoxylate urethane compounds (hence their name), and in this

Water chemistry in reverse osmosis systems

This article continues the previous installment of How to design a successful reverse osmosis system, which summarizes a

Alternatives to silicones in personal care formulations

Silicones are fairly safe, inert cosmetic ingredients – they form a breathable barrier on the skin


If you want to grow and stand out by your own merits, develop you creative to the maximum and belong to a large company with a dynamic culture this Mathiesen is the place for you.


Mathiesen Group expands its relationship with Lubrizol in Latin America

Mathiesen Mexico was selected to distribute the personal care and household product lines of this renowned


Mathiesen Group has launched the EMULMAT® Q line of high quality emulsifiers, stabilizers and solubilizers for

Mathiesen joins ALADYR

Thanks to our commitment to become an important player in the Latin American Water Treatment industry,