Variety and dependability for the chemical industry

The Chemical Industry sector makes an intensive and varied use of raw materials for the manufacturing of various products that have a wide range of applications. For this reason, we make sure to offer a broad portfolio of raw materials for the chemical industry in general, as well as additives for construction. 

This portfolio includes anything from inorganic pigments to basic commodities of inorganic products, which are used in different industrial sectors, such as:

Estamos presentes en distintas áreas de la Industria

  • Manufacture of supplementary products for construction: mortars, joint fillers, cementitious adhesives
  • Resin manufacture
  • Antifreeze
  • Agrochemical industry additives
  • Wood industry additives
  • Textile industry

Why Mathiesen?

  • 1
    Personalized service
    by professionals with a long track-record in the chemical sector. We have knowledge on market trends around the globe.
  • 2
    Broad portfolio
    with an assortment of high-tech raw materials, as well as commodities.
  • 3
    Constant and reliable supply delivery,
    which may be sourced from our local inventory or via direct imports.
  • 4
    Alliances with first-rate suppliers
    from around the world who understand the demands of the chemical industry.
  • 5
    Broad regional and international coverage,
    we have offices in Latin America and China. This enables us to ensure quality and traceability for a wide range of raw materials to fulfill specific, regular or additional requirements by our clients.
  • 6
    Global distribution with local reach,
    since our clients have the option to buy raw materials locally or via direct import, depending on their requirements.
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Product lines

  • Rheological agents
  • Benzyl Alcohol
  • Amines
  • Defoamers
  • Cellulosic materials
  • Waxes
  • Cellulose fibers
  • Calcium formate
  • Redispersible powders
  • Fumed and hydrophilic silica 
  • Hydrophobic silicones
  • Surfactants
  • Fungicides
  • Insecticides
  • Biocides
  • Wood preservatives
  • Diethylene glycol
  • Monoethylene glycol
  • Polyethylene glycol
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Chromium oxides
  • Iron oxides
  • Acids and Anhydrides
  • Aldehydes
  • Ethers
  • Inorganic chemicals
  • Solvents
  • Acrylic emulsions
  • Epoxy resins

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