Barrier Packaging – Sustainable chemistry for the challenges ahead

Barrier Packaging – Sustainable chemistry for the challenges ahead

The development of barrier packaging products is not something new or innovative in the corrugated board market. Some applications have been successful for a long time, such as the use of natural waxes to coat citrus fruits boxes, or the plastic-coated papers. In both cases, the goal has been the same: to obtain repellent properties on the base paper to ensure that the product inside the packaging reaches the end consumer in perfect condition.

Today, the real challenge is to obtain the same results, but using molecules that are more environmentally responsible, that is, molecules that from the beginning are produced in the most sustainable way possible and, at the same time, meet the most demanding standards and certifications to ensure that the quality of the product protected inside is not compromised.

At Mathiesen’s Packaging Industry, we have developed barrier packaging products that are, first of all, based on green chemistry, meaning that no polyethylene (PE), fluorochemicals (PFAS, PFOS), styrenes, silicones, and other harmful ingredients are used; and second, keeping in mind that our products comply with the main certifications for protection and usage required by consumers in Europe and North America, such as the FDA and BfR.

We offer technical support through specialized laboratories, which allow us to deliver personalized barrier packaging according to our customers’ needs, ranging from:

  • Transport conditions to the final destination (temperature, humidity, travel time).
  • Type of product to be packed (fruits, meats, solid foods, among others)
  • How to apply these molecules to achieve the required results.

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