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Mathiesen was born in Chile in the year 1939 with sights on supplying the local industry with diverse raw materials in a safe and competitive manner. Our distribution center is located in Santiago, with a 10,200 M2 (110,000 Ft²) warehouse organized based on the type of raw material that we offer.

We work with high quality and safety standards, being certified under ISO 9001:2015 and we comply with the Responsible Conduct guidelines of ASIQUIM. Our next goal is to obtain the HACCP certification.

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We want to be a long-term business partner, providing innovative and sustainable sourcing solutions.

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In an interconnected and continuously challenging world, with demanding consumers and increasingly competitive markets, we are in different countries, providing global access to comprehensive solutions that allow us to generate significant improvements in the sectors where we operate.

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Collagen is an excellent source of protein that supplies the necessary nutrients for many metabolic processes

Drainage Membranes

Our society demands higher quality buildings every day. This has a direct impact on structural safety,

Use of celluloses and additives in adhesive mortars

Adhesive mortars, also known as cement-based adhesives, are an input of great importance in the construction


If you want to grow and stand out by your own merits, develop you creative to the maximum and belong to a large company with a dynamic culture this Mathiesen is the place for you.


Where are my silicones? – Silicon Demand

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Mathiesen Argentina Recertifies Food Safety Standard

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is a non-profit foundation that emerged in response to numerous

Recognition of Minera Escondida to Pedro Barrios

We are proud to share with you the appreciation made by Minera Escondida to Pedro Barrios,


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