Detalle del Proyecto

LC Trading
January 2020
UPVC tiles – Forte Cubrimas and Extra Forte
3 mega schools construction in an Colombian area highly affected by violence, with very complex access conditions, three educational institutions that will receive around 10,000 students from the department of Choco, a total of 3000 m2 of rooms, laboratories, and multipurpose classrooms that will serve to cover the dreams of these 10,000 future Colombian professionals, these institutions are built through public works contracts offered by the national government and the government of Choco, with FINDETER as a contracting entity.

Problems solved

  • Resistance to strong conditions of humidity and high temperatures in the area.
  • Generate a greater lightness in the structure with a lightweight material reducing metallic structure costs.
  • Generate greater thermal and acoustic comfort in an area of ​​the country with high rainfall during the year and with strong thermal shocks.
  • Generar un mayor confort térmico y acústico en una zona del país con alta pluviosidad en el año y con fuertes choques térmicos.