Detalle del Proyecto

July 2020
UPVC roof tiles – Red / White Forte Cover Roof tiles
Municipal sports arena construction in Rondón Boyacá. The court and bleachers was covered with a metallic structure and UPVC, 1000 m2 were roofed using Forte Cubrimas 2 mm red thermoacoustic tile, which gave the structure a greater lightness and reduction structural reinforcement in metal profiles to support the roof, combined with the thermal and acoustic insulation properties of the Forte Cubrimas tile, it was given to the community a sports stage with a roof that generate great thermal insulation on sunny days and great acoustic comfort on rainy days.

Problems solved

  • Generate a greater lightness structure with a lightweight material that avoids over costs in metallic structure.
  • Provide acoustic and thermal comfort in an open structure.
  • Entregar confort acústico y térmico en una estructura abierta.