Detalle del Proyecto

March 2020
UPVC tiles – Extra Forte color Green / White
Construction of expansion of mechanical – biological solid waste plant located in the Municipality of Turmeque. This plant is dedicated to collection, disposal, management, and transformation of solid waste. The expansion will be at the service for giving a correct management of their waste, involving a high sense of environmental awareness that allows the correct management of these waste and its reuse. It was roofed with Extra Forte UPVC 2.00 green tile, they were supplied around 3000 m2 of thermo-acoustic tile for the production, transformation and pressing plants, parking lots and recreation areas for the plant personnel. This intervention was carried out in several stages and is currently available for the enjoyment of the Boyacá habitants.

Problems solved

  • UPVC tile was installed due to its ability to avoid corrosion spotlights that are generated in the steel tiles, due to, the solid waste management and transformation processes that occur in the plant.
  • Generate a greater lightness structure with a lightweight material that avoids over costs in metallic structure.
  • Fiberglass reinforcement gives a greater resistance material due to its and excellent expansion / contraction behavior due to temperature changes.
  • Green color blends in with the natural environment that is around the facilities of the plant.
  • Mayor resistencia a carga del material por su refuerzo en fibra de vidrio y un excelente comportamiento a expansión/contracción por cambios de temperatura.
  • Oferta de color verde que se mimetiza con el entorno de naturaleza que se encuentra alrededor de las instalaciones de la planta.