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 Iron oxides in construction

Iron oxides in construction

The inorganic pigments that we carry such as synthetic iron oxides and chromium oxide green feature a very good resistance to the elements and UV rays. They are used to color construction materials such as cobblestones, floor tiles, concrete and roof tiles.

Due to their chemical structure they are insoluble in water, resistant to the alkalinity of cement and lime, resistant to acids and stable when exposed to the elements.

There are studies involving the long-term exposure of colored concrete that endured wildly varying and adverse weather conditions in many locations around the globe that confirm that the inorganic pigments that we offer have a good resistance to the light and the elements.

You should be aware that the choice of pigment is of crucial importance for the quality of the final product.

We have a wide range of shades on offer, such as yellows, reds, oranges, browns and blacks in addition to green, which are of good quality and offer consistency between lots.

The pigments that we offer have a solid performance when exposed to light, are stable when exposed to the elements, have vivid colors and high dispersibility.

Some of the inorganic pigments that we can supply have been scored under the LEED certification, which is an increasingly common requirement for iconic and top-level constructions.

The dosage ratio generally ranges from 4 to 8% of the quantity of used cement depending on the intensity of the required shade.

The iron oxides are supplied in 20 / 25-kilogram sacks, as well as big bags if necessary. 

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