Contribution to Education – CSR 2021 Program

Contribution to Education – CSR 2021 Program

As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals established by Mathiesen, we feel the need to support the community across different fields and, just as we have in previous years, we wanted to contribute to the educational sector. This time around, and after a round of internal discussions, we chose the Panguipulli Technical Vocational School, located in the Los Rios Region of Chile, which receives aid from the People Help People foundation.

This school has a high prestige, and it provides its students with an outstanding professional and technical education related to the interests and opportunities of its Region, in fields such as electricity, sanitation services and gastronomy.

In this specific case, our involvement consisted of a contribution for the development of infrastructure. Funds were provided for the artificial turf of its sports ground – an investment of $142 million Chilean pesos made as per Law on Donations for Educational Purposes No. 19,247.

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility includes other future donations for this school, such as funds for the lighting and tartan track, which will allow students to enjoy better alternatives to complement their academic life.

As a company, it is our pleasure to contribute toward these improvements.