Expert Technical Support for the Paper Industry

Expert Technical Support for the Paper Industry

One of the fundamental pillars of our value proposal for the paper industry is providing technical advice to our clients regarding the application of products and the optimization of systems. At the helm of this technical support worldwide is Eng. Fernando Román, Corporate Technical Director of the Paper and Cellulose Business Unit.

“It is not just about correctly applying the products that we sell, but also about seeing how they interact with the raw materials and all the chemistry that a specific paper mill uses, in order to maximize the productivity and quality of each client. It is a custom-tailored job,” Eng. Román said.

In addition to Technical Support to maximize productivity and quality, we at Mathiesen also help our clients innovate, proposing the application of novel chemicals that set the end product apart from the rest.

Eng. Fernando Román supervising an industrial test in Brazil, Oct. 2020

“It is no longer enough to offer solutions to optimize energy efficiency or reduce water consumption. Our clients are interested in solutions that help them develop different packages – such as sustainable packaging – that act as an efficient barrier when exposed to water, grease or oxygen,” Eng. Cristián Saavedra said, who recently joined the Mathiesen team as Regional Manager of the Paper Business Unit to boost our capabilities of generating superior, novel solutions.

Whether your business is paper for cardboard, tissue paper or writing paper, Mathiesen has a solution to increase the productivity and competitive advantage of our clients.