Leather Quimica Presents “Evolution” its New Fashion Leather Catalog

Leather Quimica Presents “Evolution” its New Fashion Leather Catalog

EVOLUTION is our commitment to innovation and the future of our sector. At LEATHER QUIMICA, we are continuously working on applying new technological proposals to improve the consumers’ perception of the leather industry. By working with a natural, sustainable, and long-lasting raw material, we help the sector to meet our society’s needs.

Over the past year, we renewed the certification of our products in the ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) program and achieved the highest level of certification (LEVEL 3). This certificate, currently the most demanding in our industry, was obtained through an audit of our factory and the chemical analysis of all products so we can guarantee the traceability of our production process.

This year, we have also presented the results of the R&D project INNPELL, carried out with the University of Lleida and several tanneries in our city focused on alternative liming technologies. These results show us the way towards processes with reduced carbon footprint and generation of effluents with reduced chemical load. In this way, we collaborate to make our activities more sustainable. 

In addition, we have prepared new items for the autumn-winter 2024-25 collection, included in our FASHION LEATHER catalog. 

Deseamos compartir nuestra experiencia con más curtidores y asociaciones del sector. En caso de interés, pueden contactarnos a través del e-mail info.lq@grupomathiesen.com o el teléfono 00 34 935 638 962..