Suppliers Day 2023: Peruvian Cosmetics Industry

Suppliers Day 2023: Peruvian Cosmetics Industry

October 26-27 in Lima, Peru, the Supplier’s Day 2023 took place, the most important specialized fair in the Peruvian cosmetics industry.

This event brought together the most important suppliers of the cosmetics industry, including Peruvian companies and their representatives worldwide, who presented innovations and new developments at their stands.

The meeting was attended by managers, directors, heads of research and development, marketing, and logistics areas of cosmetic and personal care companies, as well as professionals and students interested in the cosmetics industry.

Mathiesen had the technical support of its representatives, who were present at the conference cycle, generating great expectation among the participants and a full house in the meeting room.

We gathered technological inspirations that bring us closer to developing versatile and innovative products to achieve facial and hair looks similar to the filters used in social networks.

We also addressed the growing trend of skin sensitivity, mechanisms of action, and the development of repairing and sensitive skin products, as well as proposals for specialized, multifunctional, and natural active ingredients according to trends.

Consistent with Mathiesen’s commitment to sustainability and environmental care, QR codes were used to access and download information from the cosmetics and personal care portfolio, websites of our representatives, details of the formulations presented, and technical data sheets.

Mathiesen had a successful participation with a large influx and acceptance of the participants in the fair, allowing us the fraternal greeting that gives us the presence and the exchange of ideas and the consolidation of strategic alliances with our clients.