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 Importance of using preservatives in coatings manufacturer

Importance of using preservatives in coatings manufacturer

In the coatings sector it is common to see different sources of contamination in production companies. These can be the result of various factors, leading to the growth of microbacteria at different stages of the process and affecting the process and end product in a number of ways, such as:

  • Altered viscosity and pH.
  • Changes in the physical properties of the product.
  • Raw material breakdown.
  • Phase separation.
  • Bad odor.
  • Obstruction of pipes, among others.

Aspects that must be controlled in the production process to prevent microorganism contamination

Some aspects that must be considered and controlled during the process that can be a major source of contamination are:

  • Design of plants and equipment. It is recommended to study their location and avoid areas near waste outlets, or which have an inadequate design that leads to sedimentation of particulates, significantly contributing to the growth of microorganisms.
  • Solid raw materials. Carbonates, cellulosic thickeners, rheology modifiers and dispersants, among others, provide nutrients and proteins for the growth and spread of microorganisms.
  • Liquid raw materials. Process water, defoamers and emulsifiers stimulate the growth and spread of microorganisms.
  • Recirculation, processing and rinse water is a potential source of microbial contamination.
  • End product containers. Their sterilization must be guaranteed by the manufacturer, and they must be safely stored before use.

A good plant sanitization that guarantees an adequate hygiene at each stage of the process can prevent these contaminations. It is recommended to perform it as per the standards established by the preservative supplier.

For this reason, it is important to correctly choose the right biocide for your production process, leveraging the advantages it has to offer while reducing the growth of microorganisms, preventing their spread and maintaining the number of CFUs at a minimum.

Process factors to be considered when choosing preservatives

The following factors must be considered:

  • Type of desired production over the product, both inside the container (In Can) and in relation to the applied film (Dry film).
  • Process temperature.
  • Product pH
  • Addition stage.
  • System compatibility.

By complying with the above, you can guarantee an optimal, clean process, avoiding consequences such as: loss of customer trust, illnesses, reworks and financial losses.

Mathiesen Group has a wide range of preservatives in its portfolio, with different active ingredients to address the needs of each client, guaranteeing the reduction and elimination of bacterial growth, attacking cells at its cell membrane, proteins and amino acids, DNA, ribosomes, cytoskeleton or cell wall.

To know more about the biocides by Mathiesen Group, contact the representative in your country, who will promptly address your inquiries and formulation requirements.