Sulfated pure neatsfoot oil: NUTRAPOL PPS

Sulfated pure neatsfoot oil: NUTRAPOL PPS

With each passing day, our society experiences a higher need to use neatsfoot oil in the Food and Personal Care industries, with the use of this raw material for these applications having overtaken its use in the fatliquoring process of the Tanning Sector for many years now.Nutrapol PPS, Grasa Pura Pata Sultafatada para uso en curtiembre

Química Oriental, a company of Mathiesen Group in Uruguay that manufactures specialized products for the industry, thanks to a strategic partnership with Uruguayan neatsfoot oil suppliers has a monthly quota of this product   to offer Tanneries an exclusive product, NUTRAPOL PPS, which is based on sulfated pure neatsfoot oil.

The development of this product was mainly aimed at the manufacture of footwear leather, due the high demands of this industry especially regarding to resistance, which allows to obtain soft, full, firm-grained leathers.

It is the main fatliquoring component of the formulation, which can easily be combined with sulfited fatliquoring agents (NUTRAPOL LS), sulfated chlorinated paraffins (NUTRAPOL XN) or sulfosuccinates (NUTRAPOL SA), resulting in fine, penetrating emulsions.

Example of Formulations with Nutrapol PPS

Below we show you a sample formulation for application in a school shoe recipe:

Results obtained in the leather

  • Leather with more volume.
  • Less flower leather breakage.
  • More intense dyes.
  • Better tear resistance.
  • Uniform dyes.

Química Oriental carries a wide range of retanning and fatliquoring agents to address all market needs of the footwear, clothing, leather goods and tapestry sector, among others.

For more information regarding formulations, please contact us and one of our technicians will get back to you promptly.