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 Collagen peptides: What are they?

Collagen peptides: What are they?

Collagen is an excellent source of protein that supplies the necessary nutrients for many metabolic processes that occur in the cells of our body. It is composed of three polypeptide chains, alpha type. These are intertwined to form triple helix macromolecules. They have a specific amino acid sequence, where glycine (Gly) is present as a tertiary residue. Therefore, the common feature for all collagens is a sequence expressed as (Gly-X-Y)*n, where X and Y are frequently represented as proline (Pro) and hydroxyproline (Hyp) respectively. This sequence is necessary for collagen to be ordered into fibrils. These, in turn, form fibers that give the extracellular matrix of connective tissues their unique structure and strength.

Collagen peptides are a varied source of protein; their nutritional and physiological properties promote bones and joints health and contribute to maintaining healthy skin.

The raw material used to obtain collagen peptides is collagen protein. Peptides are composed of at least two and at most 100 amino acids. Their characteristic feature is their excellent solubility in cold water and do not form gels, even in highly concentrated solutions.

Latest trends in the use of collagen peptides

In Mathiesen Argentina, we exclusively market and distribute the Gelita® line of collagen peptides. We have the complete portfolio and local stock of this raw material.

Peptiplus® is part of our line of collagen peptides, which are pure collagen proteins suitable for use in a wide food matrix, such as functional sports bars, drinks, or supplements enriched with proteins, among other diverse applications. It can also be incorporated into baked goods and supplemented cookies. As it is a pure collagen protein with neutral color and flavor, it can provide a high protein content without affecting the sensory profile of the food to be developed. It provides low viscosity, even in high concentrations, and does not precipitate in beverages. One of its most valued attributes is that it is compatible with most ingredients and can be easily mixed with vitamins, minerals, trace elements or individual amino acids, and other proteins.

Bioactive collagen peptides: specific functionality

We also have the Verisol® and Tendoforte® lines. These are bioactive collagen peptides specially developed to maintain healthy skin, increase the effectiveness of fibroblasts obtained from ligaments and tendons, and produce a firmer tissue matrix.

Bodybalance® is a composition of bioactive collagen peptides that, when combined with resistance training, reduce adipose body tissue, increase lean body mass, and strengthen muscles.

Contact us to learn about our collagen portfolio and all our products and to request technical sales support for these and other applications.