Spotlight on Chemistry in Cosmetics: The new, the natural and the trending

Spotlight on Chemistry in Cosmetics: The new, the natural and the trending

We held the first Rescatando la Química(“Spotlight on Chemistry”) conference-breakfast in Mexico City on January 26, 2023 at the Fiesta Inn Insurgentes hotel. It was attended by 50 guests from the Personal Care and Cosmetics sector.

Our company, Mathiesen Group Mexico, took this opportunity to introduce our guests to new trends and ingredients and to offer solutions to the new challenges in this important and demanding personal care industry.

A number of subjects were touched on as part of the conference, such as:

  • Silicones and reasons to continue using them

It begun with an introduction on silicones, what they are, myths and truths, as well as the regulations that apply to them and their alternatives, under the Matsil® Q brand, which we are developing at Mathiesen Mexico.

  • Introduction to the natural ingredients of AE Chemie

Subsequently, we presented a new line of natural ingredients by AE Chemie, which focuses on innovation and sustainability, consisting of an assortment of solutions that include preservative systems, surfactants, active ingredients, emulsifiers and thickeners, esters, exotic oils and butters, all of them naturally sourced.

  • Participation of Lubrizol Mexico

The event had Lubrizol México as a special guest, which showcased part of its line of natural ingredients in the Sostenibilidad y Belleza Eco-consciente” (“Eco-aware Sustainability and Beauty”) and Celebrando el Cabello Texturizado” (“Celebrating Textured Hair”) conferencesLastly, its technical team made a practical demonstration where it introduced “Formulaciones sostenibles que inspiran una vida más bella con tecnologías Lubrizol” (“Sustainable formulations that inspire a more beautiful life with Lubrizol technologies”).

We want to thank our partner, Lubrizol, for their participation, as well as all of our clients who took part of this event!

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