Microbiology Laboratory – Support for our customers

Microbiology Laboratory – Support for our customers

We know that it is essential to have tools that allow us to characterize the performance and validate the functionality of the products and their components. Having laboratory services enables you to improve your ability to respond to challenges. At Mathiesen, we understand the importance of providing professional support accompanied by standardized scientific evidence; that is why we invest in laboratories and in the generation of technical knowledge that allows us to promote our customers’ scientific and commercial development.

One of the laboratories is at Mathiesen Colombia, in Bogotá, where we develop studies for various sectors and industrial applications. One of the fields of highest activity is related to biocides and product preservation.

Types of microbiological analysis we perform

We perform various microbiological analyses on the following types of matrices:

  • Raw materials (water, pigments, cellulose, and additives in general).
  • Premixes or intermediates (mineral sludge, additive preparations, pigment dispersions, etc.).
  • Production systems and/or surfaces (production equipment, storage tanks, packages; etc.).
  • Finished products (stuccos, joint compounds, wood protectors, etc.).

To this end, we have developed and standardized methodologies for counting aerobic mesophiles, molds, and yeasts, with which we validate sterility and perform rapid contamination checks based on methodologies for evaluating the curative effect of the preservatives selected to treat a contaminated sample and audit methodologies for production plants or areas of interest.

We combine this local capacity with the support of our experts in other countries that make up the Mathiesen Group, and manufacturers of bactericides, fungicides, algaecides and insecticides to homologate methodologies that support further research. The goal is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

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